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Interactive Sound Information System

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The Interactive Sound Information System (ISIS) has established itself as a standard for delivery of noise management information to communities and decision-makers. It is used worldwide by governmental agencies and technical specialists to deliver accurate information about environmental noise and to explain what communities can do to control it. The system mixes high quality digital recordings, precise sound control, and graphic imagery. The central concept is the idea that "real" noise examples, shaped to reflect local situations, are the very best way to build an understanding of noise management issues. The system's unique ability to deliver precisely controlled acoustic examples makes this a high impact experience.



Features at a Glance


Version 3 of ISIS takes full advantage of state-of-the-art presentation technologies. Computer animations are fused with digital recordings of real airplanes. The system's sound library includes dozens of aircraft as well as samplings of other environmental sounds. It is possible to select and hear various aircraft as they would be heard at selected listener locations. Segments permit comparisons of indoor and outdoor noise levels and the effects of different levels of acoustic insulation. The package is designed for use in decision-making settings, noise training programs, and community workshops. In any of these situations listeners will gain an experiential understanding of noise issues.

ISIS presentations can be customized to fit your individual needs. The following are an assortment of features developed for our clients, grouped by theme:

Presentations can be customized using ISIS development tools. It is possible to display local maps, aerial photos, alternate noise metrics, and to change the language of presentations. The ISIS developers can assist in creation of localized programs that deal with the aircraft and noise issues at specific airports. The developers can provide guidance on the most cost-effective ways to customize the package to suit local settings.

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